Leitmotif for the 21st Century

Wired.com had this great video about music in video games. Click here for video. ┬áThe composer talks bout having the music cue the player on the mindset of the character in the game and different environments in the game. Hearing him talk about that reminded me of how Richard Wagner would use leitmotifs in his … Read more

Site News

As you may have noticed, the site may look a little different. First of all, you can now share any of the comics or blog posts through the “Share” button. Second, I am working on a new site design that should be more visually appealing than the wash of grey that currently covers the site. … Read more

Jazz Gumbo

Now you can share Odd Quartet with one click! How cool is that? Just click on the “Share/Save” button below and you can share any of the comics through Facebook, Twitter, your email, plus many other social sites. So, go on. After all, it is polite to share.