About the Webcomic

Welcome to OddQuartet!

Oddquartet is a webcomic that updates every Tuesday and Thursday. Here are a few tips for new readers getting familiar with the site:

  • Check out the Home page for the latest comic and blog post.
  • Go through the archives to check out previous comics.
  • You can leave a comment on the home page or check out the Contact page for more information on how to contact me.

OddQuartet Members

The webcomic is titled “Odd Quartet”, but there are only three main characters that have been introduced so far. Here is a brief introduction to the cast:

  • M. Rhoads – Rhoads is a music major. He plays a variety of instruments but mainly sticks to piano and guitar. He has a band with two of his closest friends; Zak and Sara. They gig around town when school isn’t keeping them busy. Rhoads is roommates with Jason and Cara.

  • Cara Linseed – Cara is an art major. She takes time to hang out with Rhoads and Jason when her art projects aren’t keeping her occupied. She appreciates the simple things in life and tends to play the peacemaker when Rhoads and Jason aren’t on good terms with each other.

  • Jason R. – Jason recently graduated and is working in the private sector. Jason was a business major and is trying to learn the ropes in the business world. He is coming to terms with the fact that the business world is nothing like the textbooks.