Kickstarter Roundup

There are two kickstarters that have caught my attention this week. One is trying to record Beethoven on period instruments and the other is trying to invent a completely new kind of instrument. Here’s the breakdown.

The Beethoven project proposes to record all of Beethovens sonatas for Fortepiano and violin on period instruments Over the course of four separate albums. The first of which is the focus of this kickstarter campaign. The musicians behind the project Ian Watson and Susanna Ogata are both very accomplished and the project has a clearly defined goal. It will be very interesting to see if they can fund the entire four album project. Check out their video above, or check out all the details at their kickstarter page. The Beethoven Project has some grand ambitions, but with a little under five days to go as of this writing and only 70% funded, it seems like an uphill battle.

The next project is one that is a great example of the out-of-the-box thinking that kickstarters are known for:

Basically, Imogen Heap has been working with some pretty cool technology when it comes to making music and these gloves are something that have clearly been in the works for quite some time. I think there could be some interesting applications for these gloves if they are funded. As of this writing, the project has a week to go and is 40% funded. This is one instance where I wish I had enough money to get in on the single-glove tier…heck, even the maker-tier. Check out the full details at her kickstarter page.