TMEA 2014 Wrap Up


First of all, thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth during the show. It was really fun to see familiar faces from last year and new faces from this year. I also need to thank Scot, Sally, Mash, And Jeremy for helping make TMEA happen for Odd Quartet. They are some of the best friends a webcomiker could have!

I wish I had more time to roam the exhibit hall floor, but the booth kept me more than occupied the entire show. There were some really cool booths that I got to see as I passed by them every morning. The VicFirth booth was across the aisle, and the RBC booth takes up about the size of a football field’s worth of sheet music and scores.

I loved hearing from Odd Quartet readers during the show and talking with some of you has given me some great ideas for OQ in 2014. Some of those ideas are for new products I can add to the store, and some ideas are for how the website as a whole can be improved for new readers just discovering Odd Quartet.

I can’t thank you enough for reading and sharing Odd Quartet with your friends and fellow music lovers. Thank you for supporting Odd Quartet and I hope to see you all again at TMEA next year!