Board of Unease

If you follow me at @oddquartet on twitter, you probably know that me and my friends like to play board games. No, not games like Monopoly. We like to play more contemporary board games. I think Pandemic is the first board game that I introduced to them a little over two years ago. Since then, we have started playing on a regular basis and have expanded our collections of games to include: Last Night on Earth, Zombie Dice, Forbidden Island, and Risk-Legacy.

I don’t think we’ve ever had an argument happen during a game (like in today’s strip). But, the strategy discussions can get “enthusiastic” – especially for games where everyone wins or everyone loses like Pandemic. We’ve had a great time playing these games and I hope you’ll check one of them out. If you’re on the fence about these types of games you can check out Wil Wheaton’s show on Youtube called Tabletop where he plays tabletop games with his friends, and you can see how they’re played.