Top 30 Music Schools in the US?

Have you seen this list yet? It’s a nice list, but I feel like there should be a caveat that goes with it: A nice little warning label at the bottom of the list that says, “If you are considering studying music in college, be sure to go visit the professors you would be studying with!”
Ask them a ton of questions about how they run their studio, what is their teaching philosophy, and if you can – have a lesson with them during your visit to see what it would be like to study with them. I think too often times people decide on a college based on the school’s reputation or a “Best of…” list like the one above without really putting a lot of thought into their choice. It IS nice to go to a school with a great reputation, but you might be missing out on a better education at a lesser known school.
For example, at many of the larger music schools the incoming music majors have to take lessons from graduate students for the first few years before they can take lessons from the faculty. Whereas in a smaller school, you might be studying with the faculty right away. Besides, studying music is such an intimate process that you NEED to have a good rapport with your instructor or else you won’t get anything out of the experience. So please, go visit the school and professors on your list before making a decision – it just may be the most important thing you do for your musical career.