Happy Birthday!

One year ago, today, the first ever Odd Quartet comic went live on the interwebs. And every Tuesday and Thursday since then a new comic has gone up without fail. From what the archives are telling me, we are currently at 110 comics over the past year. When this project started, I thought getting through ten comics was a feat.

So, if you’re feeling brave, you can start from the very beginning. Or, check out the top ten from the past year:
1. Practice Chart
2. Songs in the Key of Blerg
3. The Truth About Spit Valves
4. The Buzz
5. Time to Kill
6. For all it’s Worth
7. Conducting Explained
8. Overcaffeinated
9. The Sales Pitch
10. Supervision Needed

A big thanks go out to all the Odd Quartet readers out there for a great year. If you are looking for other Odd Quartet fans, check out the facebook fan page. Or, if you want to share in the intimate details of Odd Quartet, check out the twitter feed and see what Josh has to say in 140 characters or less.