Can We Fix It?

There is a great article up at NPR’s “Deceptive Cadence” blog about the state of symphonies around the country. It focuses on the economic impact that 2010 had on symphonies and whether or not they can continue to provide their music to their communities. The article goes on to ask readers for their input on how to “fix” the problems facing symphonies today. However, it wasn’t anything in the article that particularly caught my attention. It was the comments after the article that I remember most. The one thing the comments had in common was the unique perspective from each person making the comment; whether good or bad/for or against. It made me realize that the musical experience is a very discrete experience for each person. What one person sees as a problem may be what another truly enjoys about going to see the symphony. That being said, my question is, are there enough people out there who have the same taste in how they want their music presented to them; to support their local symphony? What do you think?