Springtown Contest Recap

The first marching contest of 2016 and it was much more than I expected. First off, thank you to the Springtown band staff and boosters for putting on a great contest. Everyone was so helpful and kind.

It’s funny how much I continue to learn the more and more I do events like this. There were things I brought that I didn’t use and other things I didn’t bring that I probably could have used. But overall, it was a good learning experience. It was amazing to meet all the people who stopped by the booth. I got to see people who were there last year and catch up with them, and got to meet a bunch of new people this year. There were students who are also working in visual arts that showed me some of their artwork and it continues to amaze me the level of talent and improvement that I saw. I hope you continue to draw and paint!

I hope this is a contest I can go back to every year! Thanks again to everyone who came out, and I’m looking forward to the Plano East contest. Hope to see you there!