Future Notes

First of all, congratulations to Artiphon on their extremely successful Kickstarter campaign. Secondly, you still have plenty of time to jump on that deal if you want to get an Instrument 1 for yourself. Check out their kickstarter video:

I think it’s funny that all the things we concern ourselves about the proper approach to playing an instrument will be long forgotten in the far future. The only thing more interesting to me is examining the point in time when these edicts are just starting to be forgotten. It may not be the Instrument 1 that brings about this change, but it’s fun to think about. I don’t know if the future of music will be found in an all-in-one device like the Instrument 1 or if there will be completely NEW instruments that will become more popular for musicians to play. I just hope that musicians of the future are as deeply devoted to the craft as the musicians of the past and present. Also, I wouldn’t mind a Ressikan Flute.