TCU Summer Band Camp

I will be at the TCU school of music this Thursday for their summer band camp concert night!

Here’s the backstory: ┬áThe lovely folks from a local university (TCU) asked me to design a logo for their summer band camp this year. I said, “I’d love to design a logo for you!” After the design work was completed, they asked if I would like to have an Odd Quartet table at their concert night and I said, “That would be awesome!”

So, I will have Odd Quartet posters and t-shirts available at the table. There will be free smiles and high fives for everybody. The evening’s concerts start around 6-ish, but I will be there all evening. Come support the talented young musicians that will be performing that evening, and pick up some Odd Quartet goodies too. I hope to see you there!

P.S. – if you’d like to see/hear more about the TCU band camp, go check out the TCU band Facebook page. They have already posted a ton of pictures and videos from the camp.