A New Year

This past year has been AMAZING! I really just want to say thank you to everyone who has been reading Odd Quartet – you are awesome. It has been really fun to make the comics and to see the reactions they get. I have some ideas for Odd Quartet in 2012 that I’m really excited about and I hope I get to share them with you soon. Odd Quartet will continue to update every Tuesday and Thursday and hopefully I can keep the streak alive (Odd Quartet has not missed an update since its inception June 8, 2010). Since this is the time of year for making resolutions, I think my resolution for 2012 will be to draw more often. I try to sketch every day, but sometimes other things get in the way. 2011 has seen Odd Quartet go from a black and white strip to color, it was also the year of the Practice Chart, and it was also the year I really tried my hand at re-designing the site to make it more user friendly. Hopefully, 2012 will have even more surprises. Thanks again for reading Odd Quartet. I hope you have a wonderful new year.