There will be a couple of extra posts this week. I had so much fun making the regular posts for Tuesday and Thursday that I needed two more days to fit all the comics in. So, there will be new comics Tuesday – Friday this week!!

Last week, I finally had a chance to finish up Portal 2. I burned through the single player story fairly quickly. Overall, the puzzles were interesting and the the writing was what you’d come to expect – brilliant. That being said, I honestly had more fun playing through the co-op mode with one of my buddies. Having another person there to work through the puzzle or have a different take on the puzzle was nice, the more brainpower the better. Also, the first time we were flying through 4 portals at once – complete awesomeness. I hope they expand on the co-op side of the game in future iterations (may there be many, many future iterations of this game).

-Ready for summertime.