Let’s Get Carving

Cowboy Bebop Jackolantern

As promised, here is another one of my favorite jack-o-lanterns from Halloweens past. It is from one of my favorite anime series – Cowboy Bebop. It was a show about a group of bounty hunters who traveled the solar system getting into and out of trouble. But, the best part about this show was the music. Yoko Kanno is a very eclectic composer who brought so many different sounds to the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. Everything from jazz, pop, and world music made its way into the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack at one point or another. I believe all 26 episodes are collected into a single dvd box set for your viewing pleasure. It is definitely worth a watch and a listen.

Don’t forget: Send in pictures of your own jack-o-lantern creations! I know you are the creative type…(you are reading a webcomic about music and fine art). I can’t wait to see what you come up with!